Adobe is an American multinational computer software company, and the original creator of the PDF file Format.


Understanding the PDF File Format: Overview

At IDR Solutions we have being developing a range of PDF software since 1999. We have a Java PDF Viewer and SDK, an Acrobat forms to HTML5 converter,...
Leon Atherton
2 min read

Understanding the PDF File Format: Bugs, Gotchas and Tips

While categorizing our posts about understanding the PDF file format, it became clear that we have written far too much to fit into a...
Leon Atherton
3 min read

No Startxref found in last 1024 bytes opening file…

A PDF file contains a couple of key pointers. One of them is a pointer to the start of the table which describes the...
Mark Stephens
54 sec read

Identifying a PDF file from its first line

As I have said many times before, one of the ‘issues’ with the PDF spec is that some files can have a huge number...
Mark Stephens
58 sec read

JavaScript in PDF to HTML5 Conversion: The Event Object

Previously I mentioned that a key component in understanding JavaScript in PDFs was understanding how events work, in this blog article I will go...
Lyndon Armitage
1 min read