Alicia Alicia is part of the IDRsolutions marketing team. She enjoys creating new and innovative content and running our social media channels.

How to convert PDF to HTML

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Why and How to Convert PDF to HTML5

In this blog post, we tell you how to convert PDF to HTML. PDF is a reliable and efficient way to view documents. However, converting to HTML5 (the latest version of HTML) can add a lot of value and open up opportunities to interact with documents in new ways. In this article I will be telling you:

  • Why you should convert to HTML5
  • How you can convert HTML5
  • How you can use BuildVu – our product especially designed for bulk conversions of PDF files.

Why you should convert to HTML5

There are many reasons as to why you should convert your PDF Files into HTML5. For instance converting to HTML5 allows you too easily display your documents in the web browser. Additionally converting to HTML5 means:

  • Smooth document display integration on both web and mobile
  • Ability to build additional functionality around the document
  • Cross-platform compatibility – documents are accessible across all devices anywhere and anytime
  • Ultimate viewing experience on any device – making the best out of the displayed document
  • Rich media elements support – HTML5 has its own structures to support embedded content inside PDFs without having to use additional plugins or extensions
  • SEO – If the Document is available as HTML with text, it can be fully indexed by Google and other search engines
  • Control – Displaying as HTML5 allows you to provide access while retaining full control and possession of the original PDF document

In an ever increasing digital world, where Mobiles and tablets are becoming the next it thing, why wouldn’t you convert your PDF files to HTML5?

How you can convert HTML5

Option 1. Make an image of the page

Display as an image element in HTML5
Advantages: Simple. Looks identical.
Disadvantages: Large file size, does not scale, text not selectable.

Option 2. Make a image of the page and get text

Display as an image in HTML5 with hidden text behind it to allow text selection and search
Advantages: looks identical and gives text selection.
Disadvantages: Large file size, does not scale, text may be ignored by search engines.

Option 3. Convert all Contents into HTML5 equivalent

Advantages: Text stays as text, images stay as images and Vector content can be put on canvas or image. Smaller file size, perfect zoom on text, searchable.
Disadvantages: PDF layout not exactly reproducible, lots of work with font conversions. Can you legally use the fonts?

Option 4. Convert content into SVG

Advantages: SVG often looks better than HTML5 for text and images. All modern browsers can display SVG
Disadvantages: SVG does not offer key HTML5 features like forms.

In practice we find that a combination of the above is the best general case (with the option to use other modes if more appropriate).

How you can convert PDF to HTML using BuildVu

BuildVu is a software product developed by IDRsolutions to convert PDF into high quality HTML. We have spent over 20 years developing it so far!

You can use BuildVu in two ways.

If you just need a singular file conversion you can use the free online converter. Our online converter allows you to make a total of 5 conversions a day.

If you need to make a bulk conversion you can use one of the three BuildVu licenses available.

BuildVu can convert your documents to HTML5 or SVG with the highest accuracy but at the lowest file size. The design is clear and straightforward. We are constantly working on and improving our software, and a new release is available every 6 weeks. These improvements and bug fixes are discussed in our Release Notes that we publish at the same time.

Do you need to display PDF files in a browser?

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Alicia Alicia is part of the IDRsolutions marketing team. She enjoys creating new and innovative content and running our social media channels.

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