Cloud Conversions are conducted by IDR Solutions using their PDF to HTML5 Web Service.

Cloud Conversions

How to set up PDF to HTML5 conversion to…

One of the big themes of 2019 was running software in the Cloud using technologies such as Docker. The most commonly asked support question...
1 min read

Web Services: An Introduction and Creating a Java Client.

At IDR Solutions we get alot of questions about Java development. One of the most common questions raised in the last few months is...
Simon Lissack
2 min read

Improving the way settings get passed in ExtractPagesAsHTML

Over the last year, we have grown our PDF to HTML5 converter to be increasingly configurable, capable of suiting a huge range of requirements...
Leon Atherton
1 min read

Why your API needs web services

A few days ago an interesting query was raised by one of our customers. They queried whether it was possible for us to write...
Alex Marshall
1 min read