Simon Lissack Simon Lissack is a developer at IDR Solutions, working on JavaFX, Android and the Cloud Conversion service.


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Mixed TreeView Nodes in JavaFX

Recently for our JavaFX PDF Viewer I have been working on implementing the Layers panel. If you’re familiar with how layers work in various...
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Creating a WordPress Plugin Part 3: Adding Shortcodes

Recently, I’ve been working on a proof of concept project which integrates our JPDF2HTML5 web service with the popular blogging platform WordPress. You can see the...
1 1 min read

Creating a WordPress Plugin Part 2: Uploading Media and using Web Services

In my previous article I took a look at getting a basic admin panel to appear in the sample application. In this article I...
6 1 min read

Creating a WordPress Plugin Part 1: Adding the Admin Page

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the internet. Created using PHP it can handle all things blogging to commercial websites. In...
28 2 min read

Using Web Services Within NetBeans

NetBeans has a bunch of convenient features which make my life as a Java developer that much simpler. Today I’ll be looking at how...
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