My key takeaways from Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s book ‘Rest’

Alex Soojung Pang’s book ‘Rest’ studies the way in which work and rest should coexist in equal and separate parts to improve every aspect...
Ovidijus Okinskas
2 min read

How we have used close.io to improve our sales…

This year at IDRsolutions we decided that we wanted to improve our sales operation. Our aims were to: make it easier for potential customers...
Bethan Palmer
1 min read

Using JIRA as a bug tracking tool

It’s been 4 months since we decided to start using JIRA to track bugs in the development of our software library. Here’s a quick...
2 min read

What should be in Java10?

It might seem a bit early to start speculating about Java10 before Java9 has even launched. In fact, with Project Valhalla, some ideas have...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Do you still need IE8 support in JPDF2HTML5?

It is now 2017 and we are once again asking ourselves if it is now time to drop support for IE8 in JPDF2HTML5? The...
Leon Atherton
49 sec read