Why we use Zendesk for customer support

Providing our customers with support is a key focus at IDRsolutions, and as time progresses keeping track of all the various bugs/issues and questions...
Daniel Warren
2 min read

Is the new Java release cycle an improvement?

In the past, Java had a release cycle where a new version would come out about once every 2 or 3 years. This did...
Bethan Palmer
2 min read

My key takeaways from Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s book ‘Rest’

Alex Soojung Pang’s book ‘Rest’ studies the way in which work and rest should coexist in equal and separate parts to improve every aspect...
Ovidijus Okinskas
2 min read

How we have used close.io to improve our sales…

This year at IDRsolutions we decided that we wanted to improve our sales operation. Our aims were to: make it easier for potential customers...
Bethan Palmer
1 min read

Using JIRA as a bug tracking tool

It’s been 4 months since we decided to start using JIRA to track bugs in the development of our software library. Here’s a quick...
2 min read