What is SGI file format?

What is SGI file format?


SGI is a bitmap image file format for storing pixel data. It has 2-channel support (.bw for black and white), 3-channel support (rgb/bwa) and 4-channel support (rgba). The ‘a’ represents alpha.

The file name extension for SGI files is: .sgi

To strike a balance between image quality and file size, SGI files often employ compression techniques. One of the most notable compression methods used was Run Length Encoding (RLE), which reduced file sizes without sacrificing image fidelity. This made SGI files particularly valuable in environments where both high-quality imagery and efficient storage were paramount.

What does SGI stand for?

SGI stands for Silicon Graphics Image. SGI files come in various flavors, each designed to serve specific purposes. Some common file extensions associated with SGI files include .sgi, .rgb, .bw, and .rgba. These extensions hint at the type of image data contained within the file. For instance, .bw typically signifies a black-and-white image, while .rgba indicates an image with red, green, blue, and alpha (transparency) channels.

How to read SGI files in Java?

There are several commercial SGI solutions available. Our JDeli library allows you to read SGI files.