Chika Okereke Chika has written much of the JavaFX converter and also helps with the HTML5 converter. When not experimenting with the new features of JavaFX, he is a keen basketball player (he is the tall guy you might see at Devoxx).


17 Stories by Chika Okereke

PDF to JavaFX conversion – Applying Slide Transitions in JavaFX

Carrying on from my previous blog where we created a rectangle which we applied the fade-in transition to. I am going to show how...
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PDF to JavaFX conversion – Applying Fade-In Transitions in JavaFX

This is the beginning to a very exciting set of blogs based on transition in JavaFX. In this blog I am going to give...
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PDF to JavaFx conversion – Applying Transform matrix to Text

We all know the power of the Matrix, (not the movie) the Transformation Matrix. This combines a few factors including scaling, sheer, translation and...
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PDF to HTML5 conversion – Text rotation

I have been tackling HTML text in several different ways in an effort to get the best combination of size, accuracy and speed. These...
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PDF to FXML conversion – Creating a FXML application with NetBeans: Adding images

In this blog I am going to show how you can include images to the scene graph, as a normal image or as a...
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