Chika Emebo is part of the IDR Solutions sales and marketing team. She researches and creates marketing prospects, as well as strategises and executes sales initiatives.


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What is SGI file format?

What is SGI file format? SGI is a bitmap image file format for storing pixel data. It has 2-channel support (.bw for black and...
41 sec read

What is TIFF?

What is TIFF? TIFF stands for “Tag Image File Format”. It is a complex file format for storing one or more bitmapped images in...
46 sec read

What is PSD?

What is PSD? PSD is an image format used by the popular Adobe Photoshop. The software which has its own format is used by...
52 sec read

PDF to HTML5 Conversion – Adding a navigation Bar to your HTML5 files

I are excited to announce one of the new updates which has been added to the current PDF to HTML5 conversion. Amongst other things...
1 min read