Chika Okereke Chika is a Java developer. When not experimenting with the new features of Java, he is a keen basketball player (he is the tall guy you might see at Devoxx).


7 Stories by Chika Okereke

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Text rotation

I have been tackling HTML text in several different ways in an effort to get the best combination of size, accuracy and speed. These...
0 1 min read

PDF to HTML5 Conversion – Adding a navigation Bar to your HTML5 files

I are excited to announce one of the new updates which has been added to the current PDF to HTML5 conversion. Amongst other things...
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JavaFx and HTML5 differences – Shapes work differently

Over the past few months I have been working on a couple of projects, involving HTML5 and JavaFX. There are many similarities and as...
4 1 min read

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Line width

Who would have thought that line width affects colour appearance? Debugging a file today led to an interesting discovery. The file in question seemed...
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CCITT encoding in PDF files – Decoding G31D CCITT data

Now to complete the series on CCITT, I will go as in-depth on how to decode a G31D encoded PDF file. G31D CCITT is...
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