Mark Stephens Mark has been working with Java and PDF since 1999 and is a big NetBeans fan. He enjoys speaking at conferences. He has an MA in Medieval History and a passion for reading.


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What is the minimum version of Java to support?

With a new version of Java released every 6 months, and Java 17 just out, this has become a much more challenging decision. If...
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Entreprenerd by Bruno Lowagie reviewed

If you work with PDF files, the chances are you will have heard of Itext. Even if you have never heard of iText, you...
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How to Rasterize PDF files

What is rasterizing a PDF file? When you rasterize a PDF file, you convert the pages of the document into image files. The advantage...
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How to test image performance of Java libraries with JMH and IDEA IDE

What is JMH? Java Microbench mark Harness is a very nice, free tool which allows you to create Java performance tests. This set of...
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How to write HEIC image files in Java with JDeli

In this article, I will cover how to write out images as Heic images in Java. We also have a related article covering how...
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