Mark Stephens Mark has been working with Java and PDF since 1999 and is a big NetBeans fan. He enjoys speaking at conferences. He has an MA in Medieval History and a passion for reading.


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What is CCITT compression?

What is CCITT? CCITT is a lossless compression format used to compress 2 color images (usually black and white). What does CCITT stand for?...
1 min read

5 ways to protect PDF files from copying

Many times you want to allow your users to view the contents of a PDF file, but not to copy the content or the...
1 min read

What is tagged PDF?

What is tagged PDF? A tagged PDF is a PDF file which contains additional information to define its structure (wordflow, headers, tables, paragraphs, etc)....
52 sec read

What is the future of PDF forms?

History of Forms support The PDF file format has been around for 30 years now and it has continued to evolve to meet the...
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My 7 Key takeaways from PDF Paris Conference 2023

Last week I was in Paris for the PDF Days conference to talk about PDF files… The PDF file format is an open (and...
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