Simon Lissack Simon Lissack is a developer at IDR Solutions, working on JavaFX, Android and the Cloud Conversion service.


16 Stories by Simon Lissack

How to Use External CSS Files in a JavaFX Application

In JavaFX, there are many ways to skin a application, I’ll take a look at three methods of dynamically loading a css file into...
8 1 min read

My Five Favourite NetBeans Features

For a while now, NetBeans has been my IDE of choice when working on various projects. Here’s a run down of my five favourite...
0 1 min read

Tutorial: Setting up Glassfish On a Linux Server

Setting up Glassfish for our Web Service based PDF converter was a relatively straight-forward job, but there are some nuances to be aware of....
2 3 min read

WebSocket: Multiple Users, Encoders, Decoders and Dogs.

In my previous tutorial, we were left with a WebSocket server endpoint which bounced back our message. In this tutorial I will show you...
5 min read

WebSockets – A Quick Introduction and a Sample Application

At IDR Solutions I spend a lot of time working with Glassfish. We use it to showcase our BuildVu product in an online PDF to HTML5 converter so it is important...
3 min read