suda Senior Java EE Develope specialises in Pdf forms , Fonts, application servers and Image manipulation, meditates in spare time.


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A 6 Step guide on ‘How to create expandable XFA form in Livecycle Designer’

At IDR Solutions we spend alot of time working with XFA in our Java PDF Library. I have spent a lot of time working...
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FormCalc vs Javascript [PDF / XFA in HTML5]

This is one of the articles in the XFA series index which investigates the important factors to be considered during the conversion from FormCalc script to...
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PDF/XFA – Gradient and Pattern Border shading in HTML5 Conversions

Last week we received some dynamic XFA files from our customers who were trying to convert JavaScript supported dynamic XFA forms to HTML5 using our online converter...
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Dynamic XFA/PDF to HTML – resolveNode method

Dynamic XFA forms contain JavaScript which needs some considerable tidying up to convert into content which will run on a Browser. In this  technical...
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Dissecting XML for parsing in JavaScript

Recently I have been working on implementing full script support for XFA in our PDF products. As well as flat content and JavaScript, XFA...
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