Suda is the Senior Java EE Developer at IDR Solutions, and specialises in XFA, Fonts, True-Type Fonts, application servers and conversions.
He is a keen science-fiction fan in his spare time.

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Our Goals for the JDeli Java Image Library in 2017

As some of you maybe aware we launched a image decoding and encoding library called “JDeli” last year with 100% Java code. It arose from our frustration with the current state of support with other image libraries (especially ImageIO), which was holding back development of our core PDF and HTML5 products. So JDeli was released…

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How to read Tiff images in Java

Java’s ImageIO package (built in) does not support Tiff file decoding. So either you need JAI plugin or other third party libraries to convert these files into buffered images. Support for Tiff images in both is not complete. The third party Java libraries support only a subset of the Tiff files. (example tiling, separated planar, jpeg…

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