Reviews of books read by the team at IDR Solutions and the Java PDF Blog.

Book Reviews

OpenJDK Migration for dummies reviewed

We are big fans of the OpenJDK, so I was a really excited to see that Azul has produced a simple guide on how...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Entreprenerd by Bruno Lowagie reviewed

If you work with PDF files, the chances are you will have heard of Itext. Even if you have never heard of iText, you...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Do developers still read books?

Do developers still read? Now, you might think this is a silly question… of course developers read! However, the real question is do they...
6 min read

Book Review: Future Politics (Living together in  a world…

The latest book by Jamie Susskind is a must-read for anyone who wanders (or worries) how technology might change and impact society. Richard Susskind...
Mark Stephens
2 min read

Book review: Beginning NetBeans IDE For Java Developers

At IDR Solutions I spend the majority of my time using the NetBeans IDE to write and modify the code on our Java PDF Library and PDF...
Georgia Ingham
3 min read