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5 Recent BuildVu Updates – May 2018

At IDRsolutions we’re always busy making sure to release a steady stream of updates for our customers. Alongside general improvements such as improving support...
Leon Atherton
1 min read

Moving to JPedal release 8

A little bit of history JPedal and IDRsolutions have been around for a few years now. I setup IDRsolutions  in 1999. I am now...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

3 ways that the European Union is changing the…

2018 sees the introduction of a new law after a 2 year transition period. The General Data Protection Regulation will have an impact on...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Technical knowledge we have gained in 2017

2017 has been a busy year for us, as we have attended several conferences alongside developing our products, hiring several new staff and moving...
Bethan Palmer
50 sec read

What is new in PDF Spec 2.0?

After 8 years in the making, PDF 2.0 has finally been released. From new annotations, to digital signatures, to generally making the specification clearer...
1 min read