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Do developers still read books?

Do developers still read? Now, you might think this is a silly question… of course developers read! However, the real question is do they...
6 min read

How to create a B2B Buyer’s Guide

We have been working on creating a series of Buyers Guides for our 4 products. In this article, I will talk about why it...
2 min read

Diving into the Moz SEO playbook

We use Moz extensively for our SEO and their website are also a great source of ideas and learning materials. I am a particular...
Mark Stephens
49 sec read

Did you know that the Basecamp Playbook is on…

Basecamp is an important tool for us at IDRsolutions. We use it for all our internal communications and documentation. It is our single source...
1 min read

Book review of Digital minimalism by Cal Newport

  We are big fans of Cal Newport, and we have a very well thumbed copy of Deep Work in the Company book library....
Mark Stephens
1 min read