Introducing the new XFA Parser in FormVu

Converting XFA Forms into content which will run in a Browser is a non-trivial task. Not only do all the form elements and static...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Putting PDF Forms in the Browser with FormVu

Last month we had an exciting announcement: we have released our new browser-based PDF Form viewing solution, FormVu. What is FormVu? FormVu is a...
Leon Atherton
1 min read

What Chrome 45 dropping NPAPI Plug-in support means

With the recent news that Google has now killed off NPAPI plugins in Chrome 45, it has left many wondering exactly what NPAPI plugins...
Leon Atherton
3 min read

How to edit PDF files using Incremental Updates

Yesterday, Mark wrote about how wrong references tables can be. He’s also previously written about how to edit PDF files by adding a second...
Sam Howard
1 min read

Drawing Java Components without displaying them.

Recently I have had a need to draw a pdf page to a provided graphics object. Considering that we draw the page to a...
Kieran France
1 min read