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Pros and Cons of Bitbucket Pipelines

Recently I have been looking at our current test suite looking for ways to improve our own tests. As we use Bitbucket we have...
Kieran France
2 min read

How are stacks used in PDF files?

At IDR Solutions I spend much of my time working on the Java PDF Library. I have spent alot of time working with data...
2 min read

Python – a Multiplatform Alternative to Bash/Batch Scripts?

Here at IDRSolutions, we have multiple scripts for running our different tests, which automate all the tedious setup and whatnot. This lets us run...
2 min read

What are Appearance Streams in PDF files?

AP Streams At IDR Solutions this month I have spent time re-coding our AP Streams code for our PDF parser in the JPedal Java...
1 min read

What is a WebP file?

What is WebP? WebP is a new image format created by Google to work on web browsers. WebP images are designed to be small...
Georgia Ingham
3 min read