Here at IDR Solutions we like to create useful tutorial guides to help with common problems that people can sometimes come across.


How JPedal allows you to view the commands in…

A new version of JPedal has been released and it contains an exciting new feature—the object stream decoder. If you want to use this...
Jacob Collins
39 sec read

How to use JDeps with multi-jars in Java

If you have followed previous instalments, you will know we have used JDeps to create a multi-jar file version of our JPedal Java library....
Mark Stephens
1 min read

How to find deprecated methods in Java

A Java deprecated method is one that should not be used because it is going to be removed (and often there is a better,...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

How to create a module-info file with JDeps

In this article, I am going to work through adding modules support to an existing Java application. I am using our JPedal (our Java...
Mark Stephens
2 min read

Java 9 jlink explained in 5 minutes

Here at IDRsolutions we are very excited about Java 9 and have written a series of articles explaining some of the main features. In...
Bethan Palmer
1 min read