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Java images – What is happening with JAI?

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We got a support request with regards to JPedals use of the JAI libraries this week.  In doing so I realised our links to the jars where broken so I tried to track them down.  Its a pretty sad state of affairs.  Going to the Java Media API Oracle page reveals a broken link to Java Image I/O, getting to the actual JAI page gives you a few more broken links but you can get to the source code.

Finding some actual binaries turned out to be a bit a problem.  There doesnt seem to be any links to any jars.  I did find some eventually for jai-image-io and jai-core.  However these seem to be from long forgotten pages (still brandishing the Sun logo in the address bar) so who knows how long they will be there for.  I guess if they disappear JAI will have to be built from source if you havent got it already.

The lack of downloadable binaries makes me think that maybe we are the only people using it!  One of the things we use JAI for is to decompress jpeg2000 images and there seems to be little alternative to JAI to acheive this.  Unless you know any different?  If you do feel free to spill the beans!

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Daniel When not delving into obscure PDF or Java bugs, Daniel is exploring the new features in JavaFX.

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    I’m thinking of forking either jj2000 or the JPEG2000 part of JAI imageio (which seems to be jj2000 based as well). The goal would be to create a pure Java ImageIO alternative to using JAI + fixing some of the performance/memory issues in the jj2000 code base. I have a working implementation of the reader/writer plugins in a local repository that can be used as a starting point.

    However, I’m very unsure about the licensing for the jj2000/JAI code… You seem to well informed, do you have any idea where I would start looking for people who know/could grant license for such a fork?


    Harald K

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