Georgia Ingham

  Georgia is a Java Developer. She has spoken at lots of conferences. Her hobbies include reading, completing puzzle books and cycling.


18 Stories by Georgia Ingham

Which security implementation should I use: Bouncy Castle or JCA?

Over the past few weeks at IDRsolutions we have been creating methods that will decrypt an encrypted PDF using Java’s Cryptography Architecture (JCA). Previously we only allowed...
2 min read

How to view Photoshop images in Java?

This week sees an interesting addition to our JDeli image library. We have now developed our own PSD decoder. In this blog article I...
1 min read

What is the Dicom image Format?

DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine and is a worldwide standard that defines how to store, exchange and transmit medical images. Image devices...
2 min read

How to setup the Red Hat OpenShift cloud

Whilst busy working away on various software at IDR Solutions it occurred to me that it hass been a while since I wrote another...
4 min read

What is a WebP file?

What is WebP? WebP is a new image format created by Google to work on web browsers. WebP images are designed to be small...
3 min read