Georgia Ingham


Georgia is a Java Developer at IDRSolutions. She is currently working along side the team on the development of JPedal and JPDf2HTML5. Her hobbies include reading and cycling.


35 Stories by Georgia Ingham

BOS Europe 2016 revisited: ideas that stuck with me

It is hard to believe it has been around 4 months since the last Business Of Software conference. I had a great time attending...
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Which security implementation should I use: Bouncy Castle or JCA?

Over the past few weeks at IDRsolutions we have been creating methods that will decrypt an encrypted PDF using Java’s Cryptography Architecture (JCA). Previously we only allowed...
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Do you need to view Photoshop images in Java?

This week sees an interesting addition to our JDeli image library. We have now developed our own PSD decoder. In this blog article I...
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DICOM explained: Format, Standards and the advantages and disadvantages

At IDRsolutions we have been working on a variety of cool features to enhance our JDeli Java Image Library. One of these features gives our customers...
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Performance Comparison of 5 Cloud Platforms

Recently at IDRsolutions I have been working on a comparison of the various clouds and the speed in which they work with our products....
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