Georgia Ingham


Georgia is a Java Developer at IDRSolutions. She is currently working along side the team on the development of JPedal and JPDf2HTML5. Her hobbies include reading and cycling.


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JavaOne 2017 Developer Keynote through Pictures

Developer Keynote –¬†Tuesday 3rd October 2017 Here are our pictures from the Developer Keynote at JavaOne 2017.¬†We have a whole series of articles on...
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JavaOne 2017 Java Keynote through Pictures

JavaOne 2017 came to end last week and left us with a lot to contemplate and discuss with our team thanks to the many...
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Talks I am looking forward to at JavaOne 2017

It’s that time of year again! JavaOne is right around the corner and this will be my second time attending. I learnt quite a...
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Things to do in Boston around Business Of Software USA 2016

Those of you who have read my other recent blog posts will know that Sophia, Mark and I are heading off to the Business...
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Talks I am looking forward to at Business of Software USA 2016

So September will soon be upon us and that means that Business Of Software 2016 is coming ever closer. The schedule is already up...
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