JDeli is a Java image library for reading, writing, converting, manipulating and processing a number of image file formats. Find out more here.


What is Dicom?

What is DICOM? DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. DICOM is a standard for medical images. It sets out how to...
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What is TIFF?

What is TIFF? TIFF stands for “Tag Image File Format”. It is a complex file format for storing one or more bitmapped images in...
46 sec read

What is GIF?

What is GIF? GIF is a lossless, bitmap image format which became popular on the world wide web because it supports transparency and simple...
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What is JPEG2000?

What is JPEG2000? JPEG2000 is an image decoding standard that was originally developed in 1997-2000 as a replacement for the original JPEG file format....
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What is PSD?

What is PSD? PSD is an image format used by the popular Adobe Photoshop. The software which has its own format is used by...
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