IDRsolutions will move to Java8 in April 2017

In a previous blog post we announced our plans to move make Java8 the minimum version of Java we support from 2017. After that...
Mark Stephens
54 sec read

Do you need to view Photoshop images in Java?

This week sees an interesting addition to our JDeli image library. We have now developed our own PSD decoder. In this blog article I...
Georgia Ingham
1 min read

DICOM explained: Format, Standards and the advantages and disadvantages

At IDRsolutions we have been working on a variety of cool features to enhance our JDeli Java Image Library. One of these features gives our customers...
Georgia Ingham
2 min read

What is a WebP file?

Currently at IDRsolutions we are adding support for a new image format (WebP) to JDeli our Java image library, and so I decided to...
Georgia Ingham
3 min read

Lanczos3 algorithm as a way to produce better image…

Image scaling options At IDR Solutions recently, I have been looking for ways to provide higher quality image quality when down-sampling images in Java...
1 min read