Text refers to the font/ text and/or is styled with some of the text formatting properties.


How do Browsers auto reverse the Right to left…

You might have encountered a situation where you tried to read from pdf or other text input streams and writing the raw data into...
1 min read

Extracting structured text from PDF files

Several customers have asked about ‘structured’ text extraction recently so this blog post is intended to clarify this topics. If there are any PDF...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Understanding the PDF file Format – ActualText

Text is defined in the PDF file format as a display value (normally what you see onscreen) and an extraction value. It is useful...
Mark Stephens
40 sec read

PDF search

PDF search is a topic I have seen some very strange discussions on recently in several places so I felt a blog post would...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Search PDF Files With Regular Expressions – Generating Teasers

Recently I have had some questions on how it would be possible to display search results including two words from either side of the...
Kieran France
55 sec read