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Experimenting with JavaFX and Java 8

Since JavaOne, I have decided to spend some time experimenting with JavaFX and Java 8 via the early bird release. The main new feature...
Kieran France
1 min read

Why installing Java 8 may ‘break’ your system

In writing our PDF to Android PDF Viewer application I needed to ensure the source files we output are correct and work in popular...
Lyndon Armitage
2 min read

What will Java 8 mean for PDF support?

With Oracle already starting to talk about Java9 and Java10 (see here for details), I thought it would be interesting to look at what...
Mark Stephens
46 sec read

CodeOne 2018 – Day One talks and Java Keynote…

Here are my notes from the talks I attended on Day One at CodeOne (the successor toJavaOne). We have a summary report on our 4 highlights...
Mark Stephens
9 min read

Java exhibition at Code One 2018

Code One includes an exhibitor space with lots of Java companies, some interesting games and activities. Here is a taste in pictures if you...
Bethan Palmer
6 sec read