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Five more reasons you should choose to use NetBeans

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After spending more of my time on NetBeans I have come across even more features which i feel could be useful. Some of them especially should be pointed out because if your new or a regular user of NetBeans you may not know that they exsist.

1) Example projects

Recently at IDRSolutions we have been working on our JavaFX PDF Viewer we have been implementing lots of cool features  although there have been some slightly more challenging things which we have tried implementing. After researching for what I was after I came across a bunch of different start up projects which were sample projects. Some of the sample projects include sample projects in Java,JavaFX,HTML5, Maven and many many more.

To find these sample projects you will need to create a new project and from the Choose Project option you will need to select the drop down “Samples” from there you will see a variety of different options.

New Project options
File > New Project > Samples


2) Themes

Sometimes you fancy a change, if your a programmer and spend all day staring at the screen it can get a little bit boring, you can keep your netbeans IDE up to date and interesting by installing different themes, not only does this keep things fresh and different.


3) The ability to install plugins

I love the fact that NetBeans has different plugins which are available for download. these plugins are not only plugins which have been written by the netbeans team but they are also written by people who use netbeans on a regular basis. For example IDRSolutions have their own plugin which allows the user to view PDF’s.


4) Tools for Maven

Maven is really the key feature of NetBeans IDE, since it is the meeting point of so many different technologies and tools. No plugins needed in NetBeans IDE for this, just open the folder containing your POM and the IDE does the rest, defining the project in the IDE completely from your POM.

Maven Logo

5) Split screen

This is the most simplest of features that NetBeans have but I’m pretty sure that not all of you know its there, yo can have the ability to not only have multiple projects open but you can also spilt your screen. If you click and hold the class name and drag to the position on the screen where you want it net beans will put it there. I found this useful if i am comparing projects.

Split screen

 What are your favorite features of NetBeans?

Do you need to process or display PDF files?

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Sophia Howard Sophia Howard is part of the Marketing, Sales and Website development team at IDRsolutions

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4 Replies to “Five more reasons you should choose to use NetBeans”

    1. Hi Pieter, I agree and I am aware that eclipse may have some of these features. However, this blog article is focusing on my favourite features of NetBeans as thats the IDE that I use.

      1. Thanks for clarifying. I was just lured into your blog based on the title, because I’ve always wondered whether I should take a look at NetBeans at some point, as opposed to keep working in Eclipse, expecting to see information on what has been added to Eclipse-based NetBeans that differentiates it from Eclipse. However, seeing standard Eclipse features listed doesn’t inspire change, so much.

        1. You are welcome Pieter, I would like to point out that there are many other features of NetNeans that I haven’t discussed or get round to using as of yet. Although you can check out “My 5 favourite NetBean features” it is a ongoing series which different people mention different things. I would defiantly give Netbeans a try if you haven’t before.

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