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Text Blocks preview in Java 13

This month we are focusing on Java 13 new features you should know about. We’ve already written about what is new in Java 13...
Sam Howard
2 min read

What I am expecting from my first Business of…

It has almost become a tradition here at IDRsolutions to attend the Business of Software conferences: whether it is in Boston or Cambridge, we...
1 min read

Improved Garbage Collection in Java 13

The JVM has several Garbage Collectors available that you are able to specify, each with its own advantages. In Java 11 the Z Garbage...
Kieran France
1 min read

Talking about NetBeans at OracleCodeOne 2019

  I am involved in 3 NetBeans talks at Oracle CodeOne 2019 (and there are several other NetBeans talks also taking place). Monday 2.30pm...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Java 13 Articles-series index

Here at IDRsolutions we always like to research and test the key new features in each Java release, as well as some of the hidden...
28 sec read