When building a new web-based service, one of the inevitable questions that comes up is “How am I going to talk to it?” Do...
4 min read

Price comparison of 5 Cloud Platforms

Over the past few months we have published several articles which show you how to use various cloud platforms with the NetBeans IDE. We...
Bethan Palmer
2 min read

Performance Comparison of 5 Cloud Platforms

Recently at IDRsolutions I have been working on a comparison of the various clouds and the speed in which they work with our products....
Georgia Ingham
3 min read

How to setup the Red Hat OpenShift cloud

Whilst busy working away on various software at IDR Solutions it occurred to me that it hass been a while since I wrote another...
Georgia Ingham
4 min read

How to use the Layershift Jelastic Cloud with the…

At IDR Solutions I mainly work on the Development of the JPedal Java PDF Library and PDF to HTML5 Converter. Recently I have also spent...
Georgia Ingham
6 min read