Founded in 1999, IDRsolutions is a small, dynamic company based in the UK which specialises in PDF and HTML5 solutions as well as a Java PDF Reader. Since 2010 we have also offered a PDF to HTML5 convertor, building on our existing Java technology. We have been the first to make many features available on the Java platform.


The importance of work social events

The importance of training days It’s easy to get lost in Java, PDF documents and file conversions. However, at IDR solutions we ensure we...
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Should you travel by plane or train?

Why travel to Switzerland by train This year, my daughter set me the challenge to take the train rather than fly when I next...
Mark Stephens
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Virtual Christmas – games for your party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. Unfortunately this year a lot of plans have had to be cancelled, postponed or altered to...
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