PDF form are any PDF file that contains one or more form fields than can be modified or manipulated.

PDF forms

XFA Forms Vs Swing Forms

I thought of sharing some interesting information regarding XFA Forms and places where consideration has to be taken when you attempt to convert XFA...
1 min read

XFA components structure and finding x,y coordinates

XFA components can be categorized mainly into Field components and non Field components (also known as static objects). Static components could be an image,...
1 min read

When supporting the spec just isn’t enough

Recently I have been working on our annotation code, adding greater support for ink annotations. So I perform the same steps I always do....
Kieran France
1 min read

JavaScript in PDF to HTML5 Conversion: Formatting & The…

It has been a while since the previous article on our work with converting JavaScript from PDF documents to work with extracted HTML5 from...
Lyndon Armitage
48 sec read

Interesting PDF bugs – ‘Phantom’ PDF objects

I have been looking at some Annotation issues and came across an interesting feature in a sample PDF file. I viewed it in Acrobat’s...
Mark Stephens
37 sec read